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Books By Series

Summersville Series

Welcome to Summersville, where secrets are the currency, nightmares are never-ending, and untold stories lurk in the shadows.

In the series, Carmen's forbidden love sets off a chain of events that leads to a scandalous yacht party and a murder on New Year's Eve.

Join the group on a thrilling journey through Summersville, where each page unveils dark secrets, nightmares linger, and how the sins of their parent's past weren't meant to be told.



The book that started it all with the secrets that bind a town.

A Never Ending Nightmare

The second book to the series gives you chills as shadows linger.

Untold Stories

The third book to the series as they unmask the truth in the darkness.

Forever Faithful Series

Embrace the unknown:

Forever Faithful Series unveils a twisted world of secrets and survival. 

Dive into a thrilling world where nothing is as it seems, and survival depends on trust, cunning, and the unbreakable human spirit,


Forever Faithful

Start your psychological thriller journey by unlocking the secrets, facing the darkness, and discovering what it truly means to be Faithful.

Forever Deceitful

In the second book, learn about being trapped behind the walls of deceit, one woman's courage sparks a revolution.

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