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Forever Faithful

Forever Faithful


Liz is celebrating her birthday with her husband, Brant in Seattle. On their tour, she separates from him, finding herself in an area where she is alone. Before she can find her husband, she is kidnapped and tossed into the back of a van. 


Terrified, with no details or demands, she is later joined by another kidnapped victim, Zak. Together in the darkness, they learn to rely on one another to survive. What never leaves their minds is trying to answer, why them?


As Liz and Zak's complicated arrangement isn't daunting enough, they are taken to an unknown place, torn apart from one another where they are to live on castle grounds and learn the Forever Faithful way. Starting, with addressing the man running the operation, his Grace. 


With cameras watching their every move, Liz must learn how to outsmart his Grace, and his soldiers, the Watchmen. What haunts her most nights, she doesn't know if Zak is alive. Planning her escape to get back to her husband and boys is going to take careful calculation, and trust. 


This modern day, historic setting, psychological thriller takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, temptations and inquires if living like a Forever Faithful, is a choice, or a prison?  

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