The Revamp of Summersville

Wait? Revamp? Seriously?

Yes! Let me explain…I started my journey in the world of indie authors long ago. It quickly caught on and is widely popular. As it writers have a voice and are no longer told change this, add that, can your characters do this? No! Because my characters aren’t supposed to do this and that! Ugh! Boring!

How did Harry Potter, Hunger Games change the game? Authors werent afraid of being unique, or different…so what did I do? I did the opposite, I rushed into my book to put myself out there and at a time where the market boomed and let’s say money talks.

The game in publishig has changed and rightfully so. No shame in these companies being able to make a bigger profit and have to print less and now do on demand. Hello! Saving some trees now!

I went back, took my story, re-read it and thought to myself, Danielle! What were you thinking! This is why it won’t work, you don’t have arc, your characters are not relatable and it takes too long to get to the point!

No, I did not yell at myself…out loud 🤓 so I went back, trimmed the “fat” (unnecessary words) gave different point of views to finally present Summersville how it should have been.

I’m proud of book one from when I first published to now. No writing is ever truly perfect and not every story told is the best thing ever. I decided to give myself a change, because…why not? If movies and shows can be re-written a dozen times over, why can’t books?

More information to come on publishing release date.

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