Summersville Book 2

Phew! Draft 1 has been completed. It's a bittersweet moment for me. I wrote this book and originally published on Amazon back in 2014. I thought it was a great continuation...until I decided to re-release Summersville and change a few things.

Change is good! I kept telling myself, I went back to book 2 and there was soooooo much I left out from the first book. I added more plots and twists, but as a reader, I was a little frustrated because I don't like reading a book with more plot-holes than I can remember.

So why not move on? Why go back and re-write I had a friend ask me. I decided as I grew wiser, studied my craft and had the patience to do so. I owe it to my characters. I have been writing these characters since I was seventeen years old. Plus I am nowhere near how I originally started the series and there is much more to discover.

But.....times are changing and so are readers. In order to be successful, you have to go with the times, bend your craft and give the readers in your genre a chance to discuss, discover and enjoy.

Much more to come and I'll keep you posted.

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