Mark Your Calendars for Divas Day Out!

Yes, Reno ladies! 5/7/2022!!!

I’m taking a step forward into my writing career. I need to put more of myself out there and invest in myself.

I used to work at the Grand Sierra Resort as a Regional Sales Manager. The property is beautiful and made my job easy to sell space.

COVID struck, conventions halted and I found myself out of work, but it was a sign that I needed to focus on me. Such a strange blessing.

I got myself together, as you know re-wrote Summersville and truly the project I am proud of. So, now I am making the next step and learning how to promote.

I could sell 1 book, meet one new person, make one more connection. Or none of the above, but I will still be proud I am putting myself out there and will make a change, for me.

I hope to you see there. Sign a book and welcome you to my booth with big smiles. for my affirmation, I give my energy and attention to everything that is right in my world. ♥️

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