2021 Has Arrived!

Alright, if you are like me, it's already been a strange 2020 and now 2021...only 8 days in, I am feeling like, "Can we just calm down the weirdness for bit."

I am excited to announce I will be working with Palmetto Publishing and I am going to be giving Summersville a new cover, editing the book...yes...editing my already published book. Your question to me is probably, why? Let me explain....

I was young, going from screenwriting to novel writing was a challenge, I paid for an editor...only to find out....I originally paid for someone who probably shouldn't have been editing. I reached out to and got another editor and she was fantastic (Auntie Deb) but I look back at my novel and I'm thinking...."what was I thinking!!!!"

I rushed into having a novel under my belt. When I should have taken the time to really slow down and study more. For years I've watched shows and movies be re-written over and over. Then, I had the thought, "Why can't I do that?" Who says you can't go back and re-write your own book???

So folks, for 2021 that's what I will be working on. I want to finish the Summersville Series, I want to promote more as my New Years resolution is to put more of myself out there as a writer and see where it leads me. It's a lot of hard work, and dedication, but for the first time I am putting writing first.

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